Innovative, functional and cost-effective cardboard packaging design for your brand that will positively impact the market.

When your product has on average only 3 seconds to grab a customer’s attention and it sits surrounded by thousands of competitors, we know how important it is to stand out from the crowd.

Packaging adds value to your product; it grabs customers’ attention while directly influencing their desire to purchase, expanding the power and awareness of your brand.

Successful packaging begins with package design. It takes more than just understanding factors like size, shape, weight, and fragility to determine the most effective package design. Our Packaging Design team combines industry knowledge and the latest technology to give your product the quality packaging it deserves. Combining functionality and aesthetics to produce innovative solutions to all your packaging and corrugated carton needs.

Whether you have a clear idea for your box or not, we take care of everything for you! Custom designs, samples, printing and delivery.

Cardboard packaging Design

Cardboard Packaging Design

Industry-tailored designs to accurately provide the best applications to outshine your competitors

Tailor made Packaging offers a full cardboard packaging design service. Our design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer packaging which is a unique combination of functionality and competitive pricing resulting in personalised packaging products for your business.

Our design team can develop packaging that perfectly fits your product and aligns with your brand. We can suggest innovative ways to make your product stand out, by way of practical and attractive enhancements. We are experienced with both cardboard and fluted board and can design custom packaging that fulfils all product, trade and distribution requirements.

We take time to understand your business and packaging requirements to ensure we design and pick only the most appropriate materials that suit your business needs.

We consider all elements of your design brief and apply other factors including Current Market Trends, Product Protection, Material Efficiencies, Environmental impact, Transport & Pallet configuration.

Cardboard Packaging Design

At the heart of all that we do is a focus on practical, creative thinking which delivers tangible results and real value for our customers through clever and efficient cardboard packaging design.

Product Development

Packaging is more than just how it looks. Getting functional and impactful packaging is essential in building your brand. Our team of professional structural engineers will provide you expert advice on how to save costs by reducing your material costs, prevent product damages while improving your freight utilization and overall packaging aesthetics.


We offer samples to ensure design solutions meet client expectations and industry standards. We take pride in the quality of products that we design & supply and that’s why we get all aspects right before going into production. We will provide you with plain packaging samples and artwork so that you know exactly what your custom packaging and branding will look like before it hits production.

Custom Cardboard Packaging Design

FEFCO & Board Selection

Let our experts at Tailor Made help you select the right materials and box configuration for your application, ensuring your pack is designed to provide the required level of protection.

Corrugated board boxes and folding box board cartons can be made in a variety of grades to suit the application required. We can guide you to the most appropriate type of box board for your product based on your requirements. See more information on materials.

The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) are official systems that have been developed to standardise and list certain common pack designs. The latest edition of the FEFCO list can be downloaded in a PDF format.

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