Flexo packaging offers a streamlined process, which saves time and money.

This process prints directly onto cardboard boxes using flexible printing plates that act like a large stamp transferring images onto the corrugated board. It is the best option for economical runs.

Compared to other printing methods, Flexo packaging printing has a low unit price, and high mass production efficiency using water-based inks. Companies use flexo to create eye-catching designs, logos and messaging on their standard mailing or e-commerce shipping boxes. Most 1-colour print shipping boxes are flexo.

Flexographic printing produces high-quality images with crisp lines and vibrant colours. It also offers precise registration, which ensures that the print is aligned correctly on the box. Flexographic printing is a cost-effective option for printing large quantities of boxes. This is because it uses plates that can be reused, and the printing process is relatively fast.

Environmentally friendly – Flexographic printing uses water-based inks that are less harmful to the environment than traditional solvent-based inks.

flexo packaging

Benefits of flexo packaging

  • Ideal Basic block printing– eg; logos
  • Runs at incredibly high press speeds
  • Environmentally friendly – Non-toxic, water-based inks
  • Lower Production Cost – Than litho laminated
  • Economical – Allows print & cut in 1 run
  • Versatile – Prints on a wide range of substrates

What is Flexographic Packaging?

Flexography involves using flexible printing plates mounted on fast-rotating cylinders.

Flexographic printing uses a flexible, photopolymer plate that is wrapped around a rotating cylinder for each colour. The graphics and text for each colour are then raised from the surface of the plate. Only the raised portions of the plate get inked.

Flexographic print can not achieve the same photorealistic print quality associated with lithographic printed packaging however it is able to print detailed tones to enhance your packing. With Flexo printing you can add full colour, 1-3 colours and specialised inks such as fluro and metallic.

Flexo-printed boxes can be produced on a variety of board grades, including single-walled and double-walled variants of white and brown kraft boards and offer Inside and outside printing.

We have an in-house team of designers that can work with you to custom-create a box that will reflect your brand. If you are after an eye-catching Flexo box, contact us today! And we will work with you on a packaging solution to suit your needs.

Flexo packaging

Flexo packaging suits a range of products

Retail Ready packaging (RRP)
Shelf Ready packaging (SRP)
Food packaging
Beverage packaging

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We used Tailor Made for custom lithographic Shelf Ready packaging for our project! They delivered samples on time for our recent project! We are very happy with the end result.

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We have been using them for over 8 yrs supplying all our cardboard packaging requirements. Great service, easy to deal with and always there to help with substitute boxes when we have forgotten to order something and have deadlines to meet!

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