Die cutting machinery

Fast and Accurate Production

Our production facility based in Sydney has been newly designed to incorporate the most sophisticated machinery in our industry capable of producing high-quality corrugated packaging accurately and at high speeds.

With advanced machinery and a dedicated factory, we have the in-house capabilities to create the perfect corrugated carton or display unit custom designed to suit your business needs.

We ensure our machines and processes remain up-to-date with current technologies. This ensures we continue to provide the unparalleled service our customers come to expect.

  • Die Cutter
  • Laminator
  • Folder Gluer
  • Carton Erectors
  • machSlide2
  • DC
  • DC2
  • Custom die cutter Sydney


We use a large format Flat bed diecutter that allows us to offer cost effective tooling costs for our customers.

Our Century flatbed diecutter is able to handle nano/micro flute to double wall corrugated board and litho laminated material with full stripping capability.

  • Large Format
  • 1650 x 1210mm working range
  • Cartonboard – twin cushion
  • E,B,C,A flute and double wall up to 9mm

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Die Cutting with Speed and Accuracy
  • LA6
  • LA4
  • LA3
  • LA8
  • LAM2

Lamina Laminator

Our Lamina FA Blackline is a highly accurate, high-speed sheet-to-sheet fully automatic laminating/mounting machine. For sheet to sheet laminating of paper and cardboard to cardboard, solid and corrugated material. The machine can handle most of the existing materials in the market.

  • High Pile with pressure belt and down stacker
  • Max sheet: W 1400 x L 1600mm
  • Bottom Stacker: materials from 250gsm
    with a thickness of 0.6mm- 10mm
  • Top Stacker: materials from 130-450gsm
  • Min Sheet: 350 x 350mm

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Highly accurate, high speed Lamination
  • FG3
  • FH9
  • FG1
  • FG2
  • FG5
  • FG77

Folder Gluer

Our gluing and folding machines can help deliver you consistent and high-quality finishes.

  • High Speed
  • Crash Lock
  • Straight Line
  • 4 Point Gluing
  • Max sheet: W 2200 x L 1000mm
  • Min sheet 460 x 150mm
  • 0.6-10mm thickness
  • Both Hot melt & Cold gluing capability

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Consistent & high-quality
  • CA5
  • CA
  • CA55
  • CA2

Carton Erectors

These machines allow a cardboard blank to be fed at one side of the machine and via a series of pneumatic movements and hot melt application, a formed/erected box exits at the other end of the machine.

We have 2 carton erectors catering to the most common styles of machine erected boxes & trays, compatible styles include:

  • P84
  • Defore
  • Corner Post Boxes

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