How to measure a box – In 3 easy steps!

How to measure Box Size

Fear not! Here is your guide on how to measure a box

Even though it might seem like a straightforward process to measure a box, we’re going through the basics today for any newcomers or businesses who have never done it before.

Before packing and sending a box, it’s essential to measure it precisely in order to get the most affordable shipping costs.

There are certain steps to measuring a box that will make it easier for your business and here’s everything you need to know in order to measure a box.

How to measure a box 

The industry standard measurement refers to the internal dimensions of the box. The internal dimensions play an important role in ensuring the products will fit into the box seamlessly.

When you measure a box – Use a ruler or tape measure to determine the Length X Width x Height in millimetres (mm). When providing dimensions it needs to be in the correct order of Length x Width x Height.


Length: The longest opening panel below the opening of the box

Width:  The shorter opening panel

Height (Depth):  The side perpendicular to the length and width. Height is the only dimension without a flap. Measure the standing side of the box from top to bottom. The height measurement does not include flaps.

How to measure a Box
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How to measure a box Long
How to measure a box Tall
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How to calculate
the volume of a box

By calculating the volume of your products, you will be able to plan for your shipping, storage, and distribution. Volumetric calculations are essential for material and cost optimisation.

You must multiply the package’s length, width, and height in order to get its volume for shipment.

Volume = L x W x H.

For example;
L = 16in
W = 12in
H = 8in

How to measure volume of a Box

How to cut shipping costs

To get the best value for your shipping, we recommend using a custom-sized box that fits your product. A properly sized box ensures that your product is protected during shipping and displayed correctly. Not only does it provide protection, it can also save you money by avoiding overpayment for unnecessary storage and shipping space.
To simplify the shipping process for your business, it’s important to measure the box accurately and obtain the best rates available. This will help you save both time and money.
Shipping costs are determined by the size of the box and the destination of the delivery. The cubic size of your shipment and its location are used to calculate your shipping charges. It’s important to ensure that your dimensional weight is precise and not rounded to avoid overpayment.
Make sure to choose the appropriate box size for your goods to avoid additional costs. Using a large box for small or lightweight products will result in higher transportation costs due to the extra space required. Large boxes have higher dimensional weights, which means more expensive shipping costs.
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How to measure a box FAQ

What if I am unsure what box size my product should be in?

We can help! Just drop us an email or call and we will walk through solutions that will work best for you. We can also add an insert that not only can display the product well, offers protection in transit. We have a dedicated design team to help you along the way!

Are there apps available on how to measure a box?

There most certainly are! Apple have a measure option that provides tools to measure 3D objects on your phone or iPad, And there are many more popping up like Box Size and Mymeasureapp .
But in our opinion, All you need is a ruler or tape and in 3 steps you are done!

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