4-point Glued Base + Lid

Industry: FoodMeat & Poultry

A 4-corner glued tray is an open container box where all four corners have been glued together. Our 4-point glued folding box is glued at four points so that it forms a tray. Because of the gluing, the box has a completely closed bottom. It is the quickest box to manually put together!

Our boxes are suitable for food use and provide maximum strength & protection for food storage, transportation and packaging. Ideal for transporting meat, vegetables, bakery and confectionary items.

You can combine a 4-point glued folding box (bottom) with a slightly bigger 4-point glued folding box (lid) The Base and lid can easily be folded together. A 4-point glued combination is ideal if the box is used for food, products or transport.

Our Preglued folding boxes are great as they are delivered flat packed and are so quick and easy to assemble saving storage and time! We can customize to suit your product needs by offering not only an eye-catching design but also the size and shape of the box. We an also allow room for a window at the top if you wanted to showcase your product,

 Perfect for shipment and storage, These corrugated boxes can be shipped flat and easily assembled at the retailer.


Why use our 4-point glued folding boxes?

  • Completely closed – Bottom when assembled
  • Maximum Saftey – Pre-glued corners
  • Custom – Size, Material & Design
  • Options – Windows & Embossing
  • Flat-Packed – Optimal use of space
  • Eco- Friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Convenience – Saving time & money

Interested in our 4-point glued folding boxes?

Length x Width x Height
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How to measure a box

Use a ruler or tape measure to determine the Length X Width x Height in millimeters (mm). When providing dimensions it needs to be in the correct order of Length x Width x Height.

Length: The longest opening panel below the opening of the box

Width:  The shorter opening panel

Depth (Height):  The side perpendicular to the length and width. Height is the only dimension without a flap. Measure the standing side of the box from top to bottom. The height measurement does not include flaps.

How to measure a box