Base & Lid – Generic T35

Industry: Fruit & Produce

We offer corrugated cardboard base and lids which can be customised for your needs.

These are perfect for:

Cucumber Boxes

Tomato Boxes

Eggplant Boxes

Capsicum Boxes


Pattern Printed
Wall Type Double Wall – 5 Ply
Material Thickness 4-6 mm
Box Capacity (Kilogram) 6-10 Kg
Height (Inches) 1-10 In


Why use our Base & Lid Boxes?

  • Australian manufactured
  • Protects your Products
  • Strong for storage and transport
  • Recyclable

Interested in our Base & Lid Boxes?

Length x Width x Height
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How to measure a box

Use a ruler or tape measure to determine the Length X Width x Height in millimeters (mm). When providing dimensions it needs to be in the correct order of Length x Width x Height.

Length: The longest opening panel below the opening of the box

Width:  The shorter opening panel

Depth (Height):  The side perpendicular to the length and width. Height is the only dimension without a flap. Measure the standing side of the box from top to bottom. The height measurement does not include flaps.

How to measure a box