Kiwi Fruit Box P84

Industry: Fruit & Produce

Our Kiwi Fruit box is the perfect sustainable packaging option for your kiwifruit.

Our strong sturdy corrugated cartons offer protection for your product from farm to market.

Pattern Printed
Wall Type Double Wall – 5 Ply
Material Thickness 4-6 mm
Box Capacity (Kilogram) 6-10 Kg
Height (Inches) 140mm


Benefits of our Cardboard Kiwi Fruit Box

  • Australian Made
  • Strong for Transport
  • Protects your Product
  • Eco-Friendly

Interested in our Kiwi Fruit Cartons?

Length x Width x Height
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How to measure a box

Use a ruler or tape measure to determine the Length X Width x Height in millimeters (mm). When providing dimensions it needs to be in the correct order of Length x Width x Height.

Length: The longest opening panel below the opening of the box

Width:  The shorter opening panel

Depth (Height):  The side perpendicular to the length and width. Height is the only dimension without a flap. Measure the standing side of the box from top to bottom. The height measurement does not include flaps.

How to measure a box