Why you need Custom Shipping Boxes


Custom shipping boxes can be a great way for small and medium-sized Australian businesses to enhance brand loyalty, increase brand awareness, and reduce costs. To take advantage of these benefits, it is important to select the right types of boxes for shipping needs and understand how to customize them.

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What are Custom Shipping Boxes?

Custom shipping boxes are specially designed and made-to-order boxes that cater to the specific size, shape, and weight of the product you intend to ship. They provide an effective packaging solution that ensures your items arrive at their destination safely and without any damage.

Custom shipping boxes can be personalized with your brand’s logo, artwork, or custom design. The great things about custom shipping boxes, you can protect your products during transit and promote your brand at the same time.

Benefits of Using Custom Shipping Boxes

Our Australian-Manufactured custom shipping boxes have many benefits for all-sized businesses. We have identified these five benefits that might inspire you to switch your packaging to customized shipping boxes.

Increase brand awareness and loyalty

Custom Shipping boxes can help your brand stand out from the competition. When your customers receive a package in a custom box, they immediately recognise your brand and associate it with quality and professionalism. Custom Shipping boxes increase brand recognition. Customers are likelier to remember a brand with a unique and memorable packaging design. This can lead to increased brand awareness and loyalty over time.

Provide a unique and memorable unboxing experience

You can create a lasting impression by the way your customer first interacts with and views your product.

The experience you create from when the box is first seen, to when it is opened, how the product is packaged and displayed.

Creating a great first impression is not only great for your brand – A well-designed custom box can create a positive emotional response and make customers feel special and appreciated. It may also assist in promoting your product with customers more likely to want to share their experience through social media providing you with a further reach in your brand’s exposure.

Made to the perfect size

We can create any size you require to package your product. This is very important when it comes not only to the protection of the product but shipping costs as well. If you have a larger box than you need, you will be overpaying for storage and couriers. We can assist you to determine the best size if you need any help!


Custom shipping boxes offer more protection than standard or generic boxes because they are specifically designed to fit and protect the contents they carry. When a product is packaged in a custom box, the box is tailored to the exact dimensions of the product, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This reduces the risk of the product moving around inside the box during transit, which can cause damage.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Option

By choosing cardboard as the material for your packaging you are providing a sustainable and recyclable solution that is preferred by customers and the environment.

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Various Options for Customizing Shipping Boxes

In Australia, there are plenty of options to customise your shipping boxes with unique packaging and printing variants. If you’re an e-commerce business owner, you’ll need to consider several important factors to choose the perfect custom-printed box for your products.

The first thing to think about is the shape of the box. You can experiment with different shapes to minimize the empty space inside and ensure your products are secure during shipping. It’s also essential to ensure your printing is consistent with your brand logo and colours.

We offer an in-house design service if you need help our experienced packaging designers can assist! You can also see all the latest designs we do on our insta page!

You can choose from various printing options to make your box design stand out. Some business owners opt for stickers as a more cost-effective alternative to printing.

In addition to the box shape and printing, it’s crucial to consider the infill of the package. The infill can add extra layers of protection for your products that are suitable for your specific box designs. By carefully considering these details, you can create custom boxes that not only look great but also provide optimal protection for your products during shipping.

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How Much Do Custom Shipping Boxes Cost?

The cost of custom shipping boxes depends on a variety of factors that may affect the cost such as;

•  Quantity ( The more you purchase, the cheaper each unit will be)
•  Design – If you have the design ready, If you need a designer or if you just want a plain box with a custom shape.

• Type, Size and shape of the box

Flute weight, Board colour and Style

• Printing Style; Flexo, Digital play a big factor in costs
•  Any other additional requirements ou may have

The best way to find out is list everything you need and contact us for a Quote!

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